Haven of Safety Marriage Intensives & Seminars

The Haven of Safety Intensives and Seminars are a chance for couples to stop the arguing, heal hurts and once again experience each other as a safe haven. The intensives give couples the much needed ‘jump-start’ to changing the negative ways of relating and fostering an emotionally connected marriage. The intensive model is powerful as couples are able to focus on their marriage for several days and gain understanding that often takes months of counseling.

If you are in a difficult season in your marriage, we would like to be part of your healing and growing your marriage relationship. No matter if your marriage only needs a tune-up or is filled with hurts or betrayals, we would like to help you foster a ‘safe haven marriage.’ We would like to offer you hope. The Haven of Safety Marriage Intensive is very different to other kinds of couples therapy. That is because of the well known marital model the intensive is based upon, as well as the incredible impact focusing for several days in a row has on a marriage.

      The Haven of Safety Intensives are based on the most well-researched and highly successful marital therapy model of today, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). The model shows a 75% rate of total change and 90% rate of significant change. Dr. Morris May has about an 85% success rate. The Safe Haven Relationship model integrates Emotionally Focused Therapy with Christian principles, attachment theory and neurobiology of arguing (with real life application and much humor), making the experience meaningful and marriage-changing.

      You have come to the right place to begin your journey toward healing and a safe haven marriage. No matter how distressed and disconnected you and your spouse are, have hope. The intensive will provide you and your spouse the necessary ‘jump-start’ toward the journey of healing and a marriage where you are both emotionally connected and content.

We offer two intensive experiences.

      One is for individual couples, the other is for groups of couples. The individual couple intensive is for more distressed couples or couples who want the individual focus for optimal growth.

      The group intensive is a meaningful enrichment experience for couples to strengthen and deepen their marriage relationship.

2 and 2 1/2 day and 3-Day Haven of Safety Individual Couple Intensive

      The Safe Haven Marriage Intensives are very successful and productive for couples in distress. A couple meets with Dr. Sharon Morris May for 2 or 3 days, depending upon the couples level of distress. It is a good alternate to traditional weekly counseling, & gives a marriage the much needed 'jump start' because it provides significant growth in a short amount of time. The intensive helps couples start a new journey - one that leads them toward a safe haven marriage.

      Most couples come to the intensive feeling wounded and hopeless. Many are dealing with infidelity, betrayals, accumulated hurts, unresolved issues, distance, overwhelming differences and negative ways of dealing with difficult issues and frustration. The intensives are able to get to ‘the heart of the matter’ and begin making sense of and healing a very negative marriage relationship. Most couples say the intensive is different to any kind of couples counseling they have previously had. Most all couples leave the intensive with hope, very glad and grateful for being part of it.

     If you feel stuck, disconnected and not sure if you and your spouse will ever heal hurts and enjoy each other again...the intensive is worth the investment, work and effort.

      Or if you feel your marriage could be richer, deeper and needs a renewal, then the intensive will help take your marriage to a closer, more intimate place.

In the intensives you will:
  1. Understand your marriage and how you and your spouse got to where you are
  2. Understand how & why your argument cycle keeps you emotionally disconnected
  3. Make sense of the hurts and wounds that have built up over the years
  4. Learn how to talk from your hearts about your fears, hurts, needs & emotions
  5. Begin a journey of healing past hurts, including attachment injuries, infidelity & betrayals
  6. Begin to see each other differently as you build understanding and acceptance
  7. Learn new ways to argue, talk, connect and relate to one another
  8. Learn to grow and foster a safe haven where each feels loved, cared for and understood
  9. Talk about and resolve the hot topics (that typically trigger arguments) in more constructive ways

1st day - 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
2nd day - 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
3rd day - 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Includes: Couple Assessment & Testing, Articles, Couple Intensive Follow up:
Two 40-minute follow up phone sessions, or one 100-minute session in person.


1st day - 9:30 to 5:30 pm
2nd day - 9:30 to 5:30 pm

Includes: Couple Assessment & Testing, Articles, Couple Intensive Follow up:
Two 40-minute follow up phone sessions, or one 100-minute session in person.


1st Day – 9:30 to 5:30 pm
2nd Day – 9:30 to 5:30 pm
3rd Day – 9:00 to 12:30 pm

This is the best value option.
Includes: Couple Assessment & Articles, Couple Intensive Follow up:
Two 40-minute follow up phone sessions, or one 100-minute session in person.

Regarding Insurance Coverage:

Dr. Morris May recommends that all clients contact their insurance company/human resource dept. prior to signing up for an Intensive to clarify what benefits may apply. Many insurance companies do not cover the cost of the intensive. When requested by the client, Dr. Morris May will provide a detailed receipt with a diagnosis and CPT code for your insurance purposes. This receipt will show the marriage counselor, License # and the amount the client has paid to Dr. Morris May. However, Dr. Morris May currently does not submit to insurance companies on behalf of her clients. Nor does she carry or intend to carry contracts with any insurance carrier.

Haven of Safety Group Intensives and Seminars

1 1/2 - Day Haven of Safety Group Marriage Intensive
These seminars are powerful and marriage-changing. In an intimate setting of 4 to 8 couples, Dr. Sharon Morris May walks the couples through the steps toward healing and change. The couples come together and learn, share, heal and grow. In this group setting, directed by Sharon, the couples are each given time to share their marital struggles, discover themselves and their spouse in a new way, and find healing. You might think that a group setting would be less-personal, but it is not. Many couples find the group experience rich as they are able to listen and learn from other couples as well as find support and understanding. The couples leave with a new understanding of their marriage and more effective ways of fostering a safe haven. The group format is cost effective (about the same cost as a 2-hour therapy session) and leads to not only an incredible experience, but significant changes.

1-Day Haven of Safety Marriage Group Seminar
This is a lighter version of the 1 ½ day group intensive, with a blend of humorous, informative teaching, group discussion and individual couple processing. A couple is able to get a new understanding of how they argue and why they argue the way they do, as well as begin the process of healing the hurts that have accumulated and find new ways to talk, listen and understand each other. This is also a good way to follow-up after an individual or group intensive, because at each seminar a couple will discover new ways to untangle from the negative way they argue and learn how to complain, forgive and grow intimacy. Each seminar stands on its own and can be attended as often as a couple would like. See you there!

Couples Growth Groups
The Haven of Safety Individual Couple and Group Intensives give a marriage relationship the necessary jump-start toward healing and wholeness, yet continued support and growth is of vital importance. That is why it is of great value for a couple to get involved in a Growth Group. The Couples Growth Groups are designed to help a couple get connected to a community of couples who have all attended one of the Haven of Safety Intensives and are seeking to grow in the same direction toward a ‘safe haven marriage.’ The groups meet every other week and journey through a workbook. It is my heart’s desire to help couples find ways to grow and make their changes last.

Friday Night, Saturday, Sunday Morning Couples Seminar
For the ultimate experience, 10 to 20 couples gather for an in-depth growth experience. Dr. Morris May walks the couples through the steps of understanding, healing and change. This is a blend of teaching, small group interaction, reflective time for the couple and discussion time. It is a new kind of couples retreat every couple will not forget. You can have your church or counseling center sponsor the couples seminar.

Location of the Intensives
Haven of Safety Marriage Intensives & Seminars are confidential and conducted by Dr. Sharon Morris May, and a qualified assistant, in Pasadena or San Diego, California. For an additional cost a seminar-type-intensive can be conducted in Hillsdale, Michigan; Fredericksburg, Virginia, any island in Hawaii, or your home-town.