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Stressing Less!

Hello Safe Haven Community,

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,

will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:7

I think it’s safe to say that today we all feel pretty stressed out living in this fast paced digital world.

A recent Time Magazine article stated that this current generation is the most anxious and stressed out generation of all time.

Experts agree that our digital devices are keeping us in a state of heightened awareness and can cause us to stress out.

Our screens offer so many distractions; there are all the dings and pings that constantly demand our immediate attention. Scientists are telling us that our overuse of technology is rewiring our brains for distraction, and is over-stressing our heart and mind.

Definition of Stress: Excessive strain, pressure, disturbance, anxiety,

Definition of Peace: Freedom from disturbances, quietness, rest,

calm and tranquility.

It is amazing to me that the antidote to our stressed out living is Jesus Himself, living within us.

The peace of God is peace within ourselves and the unrest of human life comes largely from our being fragmented by many disturbances.

I hear Jesus’ familiar words, “Martha, Martha, you are worried about so many things, (fragmented, distracted, all over the place). But only one thing is necessary, and Mary has chosen it.”

Mary was at perfect peace sitting at her master’s feet. The peace will come when we stop being so busy and distracted, and we don’t allow anything to disturb us.

"We need to find God, and He cannot be found

in noise and restlessness.

God is the friend of silence.

See how nature - trees, flowers, grass - grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun,

how they move in silence.

We need silence to be able to touch souls."

Mother Teresa

If I’m honest I need to silence my phone more and just be still in God’s presence. I know He wants to give us all the love, joy and peace we need, why do we run from the source of our peace?

I have found this Stress Management Exercise below to be a good tool to help me handle all my digital stress and experience more peace.

Red Zone– Stressed out!

Yellow Zone– On the way toward stressed out

Green Zone– Relatively calm

Blue Zone– Peaceful and at rest

Where would you say you are on this Stress Chart today?

The goal is to try to move your self toward the blue zone.

Take a deep belly breath in and then as you breath out – Say - PEACE press the stress out.

Deep breath in and say PEACE. Deep breath in and press that stress out as you breath out – PEACE.

As you go through your day be aware of where you are on this stress chart. I find it helpful to use this visual, so when I find myself in the red zone I visualize myself moving down to the blue zone.

"By waiting and by calm you shall be saved,

in quiet and in trust your strength lies."

Isaiah 30:15

As you do your part to stress less you will find God’s peace that will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus.

Now for all of us – maybe it’s time to: Please silence your phones

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Safe Haven Model Part 2

November 29, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. PST

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If you can’t make the webinar, sign up and you will have 24 hours to watch it. See you at the webinar.

On this journey together,


Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd

ICF Thrive in Life Coach

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